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Company Information

Leader Pharmacies was developed in the early 80s when a small group of independent pharmacy owners began looking for a more economical way of doing business that would help them survive as well as prosper. Contracts were negotiated on a group basis, which aided them in acquiring a more competitive purchasing level. The group incorporated in 1986 and quickly grew in members.

Advertising was and still is an important part of the strategy that led to greater visibility in the Sacramento Valley and surrounding areas. Leader Pharmacies has an advertising program that includes major television visibility along with radio and print. We employ a professional advertising agency whose expertise in production and media buys has made Leader Pharmacies a well-known name in Northern California.

As part of the Leader Pharmacies network, our members can take advantage of a vast array of marketing and support services. Leader’s administrative office is always working to negotiate lower contract pricing and at the same time, obtaining customer related programs for our pharmacies from major pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers.

In the past 10 years, we have branched out in other areas that have benefited our members in many ways. Leader Pharmacies administered the capitated Omni Medi-Cal pharmacy contract for 4 ½ years and during that time, successfully developed disease-state education/management programs. Our documented interventions addressed resolvable medication-related problems, and demonstrated the value of pharmacists in reducing health costs and improving patient outcomes.